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Volumetric Feeders
Volumetric Feeders are encompasses a positive method of measuring a specific volume of product with control convenient, reduce labor intensity increase productivity. For a variety of granules, powders, additives, additives and other materials, can ensure continuous and uniform material feed use.
Types: Single screw volumetric feeder,double screw volumetric feeder.
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Loss-in-weight feeders
Loss-in-weight feeders with a hopper containing material to be fed is placed on a platform scale or suspension scale weighing system. The weight of the feeding device and hopper is electronically tared.The loss-in-weight feeder with feeding accuracy at 0.5% For pellet,powder,short fibers.
Types: Single screw loss in weight feeder,Twin screw loss in weight feeder,Micro loss in weight feeder.
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Liquid loss-in-weight feeder
Liquid loss-in-weight feeder provide accurate continuous gravimetric flow control of liquids. The Liquid loss-in-weight feeder is the most accurate solution for a wide variety of liquids and many different viscosities and temperatures. Suitable material: room temperature or heated liquid material needs insulation.
Types: Liquid weight loss type feeding machine, Liquid loss in weight metering feeder.
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Multi-component feeders
Multi-component feeders belong to static weighing metering, and it is suitable for feeding multi-material at same time with one control system controls two feeders or more feeders together. Reliable operation convenient maintenance. multi-component feeders is for Granules, diffluent powder. Regular and uniform granular material but not suitable for powder and poor liquidity materials.
Types: Bio-component feeders, Multi-component feeders
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